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What is this

The person working at the counter of a parts store or the installer that needs a set of brake pads ASAP for the car on the lift is often overlooked in the online automotive eco-system. These individuals can certainly order the desired automotive parts online, but they must manuallly update their inventory. They must also manually adjust their costs, and their invoices. Neumonics JMS integration using BabelPartXML can connect supplying warehouses directly to the Jobber, store front, or installer's system.

With warehouses and JMS systems connected on the BabelPartGateway, all the data that would otherwise have to be manually typed in to the JMS system is now seamlessly transferred by our well documented and easy to understand BabelPartXML

How can this help my business

If you are a warehouse or supplier, getting integrated to the BabelPart Gateway can create new sales channels directly into JMS packages such as Amador, Positrak, and Fuse 5. With the additional purchase of the AConneX seller SDK from Epicor, provides connectivity packages such as Eagle, Prism, and J-Cons.

If you are a JMS provider, getting integrated to the BabelPart Gateway can increase software sales volume by providing direct connectivity into popular warehouses also on the gateway.

If you are a jobber, installer, or retailer, choosing systems that are connected to the BabelPart Gateway can simplifiy inventory and cost management by having BabelPartXML transfer all the relevant inventory and cost data directly into your JMS system.

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