What is this

Neumonics been installing and managing complex off-site Linux integrations for nearly 15 years.

We directly oversee numerous Linux based sites each housing multiple Red Hat and Fedora systems throughout the United States.
We support 15+ other sites running Fedora and Debian across the U.S and Canada.
Our years of experience have allowed us extensive familiarity with the best of breed tools for remote Linux management.
Neumonics is primarily a software provider and middleware integrator focusing on the automotive industry. That being said, we prefer to deploy our cloud based and customer premise solutions on Linux because of it's low overhead and ease of administration.
We extensively utilize PHP and Apache Tomcat as the application servers, either running on or proxied through the Apache Web Server. Many of our solutions utilize MySQL/MariaDB for our back end database. This framework, sometimes referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) is a common configuration found in Linux deployments. Bottom line. If you use it, we probably do too.

How can this help my business

I.T. staff can be expensive. Utilizing Neumonics to support your Linux infrastructure may decrease overhead while providing a Linux knowledge base that would otherwise go unrealized.
Support agreements can be secured via purchased blocks of time, QOS (Quality of Service) guarantees, or DBH (During Business Hours) support.

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