Buying Partners
What is this

A Buying Partner is a kind of super customer. Traditional customers either resellers or end consumers. Buying Partners bring additional value. In the automotive industry, they may sell JMS or Installer systems (generally refered to as Market Specific Solutions Providers). In non-specific retail, they may sell Point of Sale (POS) software. They may be a drop shipper or an E-Tailer.

Regardless, these Buying Partners require more attention than other customers. In order for them to sell products from through a warehouse they may need
  • Access to realtime product availability
  • The ability to place realtime electronic orders and receive immediate confirmation
  • Specialized shipping resources such as custom packing slips or third party billing for shipping
  • Advanced reporting

  • The great thing about Buying Partners, is that if enabled with the proper tools, they can sell a lot of product!

    How can this help my business

    Attracting the right Buying Partners is essential. Although the right one can be a sales volume multipler, the wrong one can be a serious drain on resources. Good Buying Partners seek out suppliers with easy to use tools and solid infrastructure. Neumonics offers a number of solutions that can either operate stand alone or integrate into your existing infrastructure to offer buying partners the tools they need to grow sales for you.

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