Order Manager
What is this

Traditional brick and mortar order fulfillment is a very manual process providing limited status and shipping detail to the customer. The Neumonics Order Manager provides warehouses and suppliers the automation, customization, and connectivity required by modern E-commerce fulfillment models. The Neumonics Order Manager provides the means to third party and blind ship on behalf of a warehouse's buying partners in an easy to use Web Adminstration screen.
Warehouse workers receive up to the minute order details through a sophisticated, yet simple to understand dashboard

Features Include
  • Customized Packing Slips
  • Blind Shipping for multiple buying partners
  • Optional USPS/FedEX/UPS shipping label and automated tracking number acquisition
  • Bolts on to existing Warehouse Management System or can be used with Neumonics Inventory Manager
  • Easy to understand, web based dashboard for both admins and warehouse workers

  • How can this help my business

    The Neumonics Order Manager can quickly create new avenues for distribution that have gone un-addressed. The ability to blind ship products opens doors to companies such as E-Tailers such as Amazon and Ebay, Online Parts sellers such as Summit Racing and Pelican Parts, and even the ability to sell parts direct to customer.

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