What is this

At some point companies may decide to change their Enterprise, Manufacturing, or Warehouse management systems (ERP,MRP,WMS). The fully absorbed cost includes far more than the cost and configuration of the new software. If fact, the majority of the labor is generally the methodical migration from one system to another.
An organized migration will involve running both systems in parallel and parcelling out the following tasks to the appropriate system
  • Order Entry
  • Shipment Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting

  • Not only do the logical components of the software need to be migrated, but in companies that have multiple locations and warehouses, this task must occur repeatedly for each location and warehouse. This means, for the majority of the migration, part of the companies locations will be running on the old system, while the other part will be running on the new system.

    How can this help my business

    Few companies have the experience of migrations involving SAP or AS400. Neumonics has. Our BabelPart Migration Admin, in conjuntion with a structured programming to address the specific systems involved in the migration, we can help you accomplish tasks such as
  • Selecting Inventory from both systems and combining them into correct responses for your customers
  • Splitting order items that are destined for both the legacy and new systems
  • Cutting over pricing from the legacy to the new system
  • Pulling order history and invoicing data from the appropriate systems and getting it to your customers in a consolidated format

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