Inventory Manager
What is this

Ensuring reliable transmission of accurate inventory is crucial to maintaining profitable relationships with retailers. The BabelPart Inventory Manager is an extendable, standalone product designed specifically to address the challenges of inventory distribution including
  • Multiple transmission protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SSH, EDI, EMAIL, WebDAV)
  • Push or Pull transmission strategies
  • Multiple file formats (XML, CSV, Excel)
  • Multiple data formats (EDI, IPO, Customer Defined)
  • Product Line Standardization
  • Costing adjustment at the line or part level unique to each warehouse
  • Promotional pricing at the line or part level unique to each warehouse

  • Inventory data can be updated through Incremental feeds or completely overwritten from Full feeds sent from suppliers in any number of formats. Once in the BabelPart Inventory Manager, each record can be viewed, updated, or deleted through a web based interface. Full or Incremental feed inventory data can then be provided to Retail partners in a format suitable for their needs. With respect to acquiring and transmitting the data, the Inventory Manager provides the ability to pull or passively accept data from suppliers through a variety of protocols. The data can then be distributed to retailers either by pushing the content or providing access for the retailer to pull the data from the Inventory Manager.

    How can this help my business

    Using our Cloud Based Inventory Manager can get your inventory into the online market place quickly! Once the Inventory manager has access to your inventory data, either via SQL connection or file transfer, we can work with you to identify and map the product lines you wish to sell. Once this is accomplished Neumonics can push the desired inventory to any number of our partners or in any custom format required.

    In addition to pushing the inventory data, Neumonics can adjust the cost of the item by either manual changes using the Inventory Manager Web Based Interface or automate discounting all the way down to the part level.

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