What is this

Neumonics products not only connect seamlessly into an existing company's eco-system, but can also be connected together to form a comprehensive stand-alone ERP/MRP system.
The 3 core components comprising a complete Neumonics ERP/MRP system are;

Optionally, customers can also conduct E-Business using any number of Neumonics’ gateway products including support for;

For manufacturing companies that not only distribute products but also custom configure and build products, Neumonics Inventory manager can be integrated with the Neumonics Process Management SDK to build Product Configurators specific to the manufacturing companies needs.
All of the core products; Inventory Manager, Order Manager,and The BabelParts Portal have API’s that provide connectivity into the company’s existing accounting, human resource, and customer resource management solutions.

How can this help my business

New companies looking to integrate an ERP/MRP solution that can grow with their company will appreciate the flexibility and scalability of a solution built with Neumonics components for a number of reasons;

Existing companies can migrate their existing ERP to Neumonics components piece by piece.  Many other ERP solutions require a single move from one system to another. Neumonics products can run in parallel with existing ERP components, then be switched over at a pace that won't overwhelm internal staff, partners, or customers.

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