What is this

As a tier 1 ERP, SAP Enterprise is well suited to address the needs of larger suppliers and warehouse distributors. Integrating to SAP can be a complex and expensive endevour. Neumonics communicates to SAP Enterprise through interaction with PI for batch processes and Webservice WSDL's for processes that require realtime responses.

Regardless of what SAP modules are implemented Neumonics can interact with the data via iDoc or XSD so long as the customer has the document mappings

How can this help my business

If SAP Enterprise is running your business and you have need to connect to external products or services, a Neumonics middleware component could meet the challenge.
For batch processing, IDocs, or XSD defined XML can be transfered and manipulated from SAP via FTP,SFTP, or AS2. Once processed, they can be returned via the same method for handling by SAP
For real time processing, WSDL or XSD defined documents can be processed via SOAP providing realtime responses.

All of this can be far more cost effective than procuring and configuring additional SAP modules.

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