Drop Shipping
What is this

Drop shipping is a concept where the supplier or warehouse ships on behalf of another seller. This allows organizations that focus strictly on channel and sales development to sell products without requiring any logistics or shipping experience. It also means that they do not have to warehouse any inventory.
Blind Shipping is a level of complexity above drop shipping. Blind shipping makes it appear to the end customer that the product is actually coming from the Drop Shipper. Many times this involves

  • Custom Packing Slips
  • Custom Boxes
  • Custom Packaging (such as packaging tape or return addressing)

  • Many companies avoid drop shipping due to the increased complexity of billing, shipment tracking, and invoicing. The Neumonics Order Manager provides all the functionality a company needs to increase sales through drop shipping.

    How can this help my business

    Working with drop shippers can increase profits for Suppliers
  • Suppliers may charge higher rates or additional fees for the service of drop shipping
  • Successfull Drop Shippers will increase Inventory Turns for a supplier or warehouse
  • Drop Shippers may have access to markets not available to the supplier or warehouse

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