Babelpart Nexpart Aconnex
What is this

Neumonics has designed a suite of products that enhances every aspect of the automotive market. Our products assist in nearly every aspect of supply chain.

BabelPart SDK Middleware enabled suppliers put their products on the electronic marketplace using a variety of plugins for solutions such as NexPart, AConneX, and BabelPartXML JMS and installer systems update availability, pricing and place orders using our Parts Gateway E-Commerce partners build websites with the ability to order from multiple BabelPartXML enabled suppliers. Their customers receive shipment and tracking information from orders processed the BabelPart Order Manager E-tailers using solutions such as E-Bay and Amazon deliver standardized inventory feeds using the BabelPart Inventory Manager and can feed orders back through the BabelPart Gateway or third party EDI’s

The BabelPartSDK is at the core of fulfilling all of these E-Commerce requirements and focused on the automotive market. The BabelPartSDK is middleware that uses modular plugins providing connectivity to different systems. Once connected to the warehouse system, it allows they buyer to engage in E-Commerce utilizing whatever technology is supported by their procurement system.

How can this help my business

The electronic marketplace is continually evolving. Every seller from traditional brick and mortar warehouse to modern E-Tailer is trying to build the fastest and least expensive route to get product to their customers. As with every vertical industry, there are unique challenges to distribution in the Automotive market. Neumonics has over 15 years experience delivering digital solutions in this vertical. Whether you are a brick and mortar warehouse, an E-store owner, or a boutique E-Tailer, one or more solutions from our BabelPart product suite can quickly connect your business into the the online automotive market place or take you to the next level.

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