Amazon Integration
What is this

Selling a small number of manually configured items is a reasonably simple task. Selling hundreds of thousands of automotive parts referenced with correct fitment information is another story.

Neumonics has simplified the process of selling large numbers of ASINS on Amazon. Using our suite of BabelPart products the complex task of automated Amazon selling becomes simplified.
  • The Neumonic’s Inventory Manager creates structured feeds containing pricing and availability of every product in your inventory and its associated ASIN.
  • Orders are sent from Amazon to the supplier either via BabelPartXML or legacy EDI
  • Amazon packing slips are generated by the BabelPart Order Manager, then labels for UPS, FedEX, and UPS are created and printed by the BabelPart Shipping Module
  • Order status, shipping information, and tracking numbers can be obtained by Amazon by either BabelPartXML or third party EDI.

  • In some instances, suppliers may already have EDI end points set up with companies such as Intertrade. In that case, Neumonics can deploy an alternate solution utilizing the existing EDI infrastructure already in place

    How can this help my business

    Many suppliers and warehouses find the task of building an integrated solution to Amazon too daunting a task to start. Although it is a lucrative market, the necessary requirements by Amazon including

  • ASIN Management
  • Custom Packing Slip
  • Strict shipping compliance

  • The overhead in completing these tasks may make the process too complicated. By utilizing the Neumonics suite of products, these complications can be overcome and your business can simply focus on delivering product.

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