Edi Integration
What is this

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a legacy technology utilized for batch order processing. Historically, it involves paying a VAN (Value Added Network) to facilitate the file transfer. Neumonics can Buying Partners who use EDI by directly accepting their EDI orders and providing response documents via SFTP.

The Neumonics Parts Gateway supports the following EDI documents.
After an EDI 850 request is received at the Neumonics Parts Gateway, it can be routed to any BabelPartSDK and Order Manager enabled warehouse. The Neumonics Parts Gateway will then retrieve order number, tracking data, and invoice numbers from the BabelPartSDK enabled warehouse. Once that data is retrieved, the appropriate EDI documents can be prepared for retrieval by the Buying Partner.

How can this help my business

Many established companies depend exclusively on legacy technologies such as EDI for electronic order processing. By leveraging the EDI capabilities of the Neumonics Parts Gateway in conjunction with our BabelPartSDK and Order Manager, your company can capitalize on otherwise unrealized sales relationships.

EDI is traditionally a difficult, expensive and time consuming proposition. Simplifying this process can attract the type of business customers that your business is looking for to grow sales quickly!

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