What is this

There are few technologies that can stand the test of time like the AS400. It's ability to quickly process transactions makes it an ideal platform to handle large volumes of transactions. Many AS400'S have been running the same RPG programs and databases for years, even decades. These programs can present a problem. How connect legacy OS360 RPG programs and databases to modern applications. These applications include
  • XML Based E-Commerce Services such as Amazon, Ebay, NexPart, AConneX
  • Batch updates of E-Commerce platforms such as Magento and Big Commerce
  • Mobile device application development
  • Access to complex RPG logic such as customer pricing algorithms

  • Neumonics has worked with IBM for over 10 years and has even had the BabelPart SDK certified as a compliant J2EE solution on the AS400, and Z series Main Frames. Utilizing our extensive expertise, Neumonics can utilize existing RPG programs through PCML to incorporate legacy business logic into modern web and mobile applicaitons.

    For antiquated AS400 systems running OS400 versions older than V5, we even have a screen scraping technology to retrieve data from 5250 sessions

    How can this help my business

    Migrating years of AS400 code and databases to a new platform is a costly and potentially unnecessary endeavour. Neumonics has over 12+ years experience in communicating with legacy AS400 programs and data.
  • Utilize your existing RPG program logic to feed customer pricing to E-Commerce portal such as Amazon or NexPart
  • Expose legacy databases to modern E-Commerce engines such as Big Commerce or Magento
  • Post web originated transactions directly to your legacy AS400 applications

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