Shipping Module
What is this

Effective shipping is a fundemental requirement for any supplier or warehouse. The solution for shipping via UPS, FedEX, or USPS for many warehouses is to install separate PC's using properietary software provided by the shipper. The Neumonics Shipping module acts as a single point of connectivity to UPS, FedEX, and USPS and is tied to the warehouse management system Integrated FedEx/UPS/USPS requests shipping labels and tracking numbers from FedEx and UPS real time by using data stored natively in the warehouse computer system or in optional Neumonics products. The tracking number is then stored in the warehouse computer system by a variety of easy to implement strategies and the shipping label is printed to any Zebra label printer or Laser cut sheet depending on application.

Triggering the FedEx/UPS/USPS Shipper
The Shipping Module can be triggered by one of the following means
  • An Email
  • An HTTP Post
  • An FTP file
  • The BabelPart Order Manager Product (not included)

  • Shipping Options
    As each shipper vary slightly in their options, the Neumonic's shipper provides both 3rd Party and Prepaid for UPS and FedEx. For USPS, both Prepaid and EVS (Debit account linked) shipping are supported
    Acquiring the Necessary Shipping Data In order to generate a shipping label and acquire a tracking number, the ship from, ship to, account number, contact information and shipping weight must be acquired. This information can be acquired by one of the following methods Selected out of existing computer system database (JDBC) Contained in the FTP, HTTP, or email that triggered the request Pulled from the BabelPart Admin Product (not included)

    Printing the label The label is printed in the industry standard EPL2 format to any Zebra label printer such as a VP505 or as a PDF to traditional printer. Storing the Tracking Number Upon successful creation of a shipping label, the BabelPart FedEx/UPS shipper acquires a tracking number from either Fed Ex or UPS. This tracking number can then be stored in the warehouse computer system via the following means Database update Remote Procedure Call (For example PCML RPG call) Email, FTP, or HTTP post to warehouse computer system

    How can this help my business

    The Neumonics Shipping module can enhance your shipping infrastructure if
  • Your Warehouse Management System does not provide integrated shipping
  • Your warehouse employees need to manually key order information into separate FedEx, UPS, and USPS terminals
  • Your organization does not have an effective means to get tracking information to your customers

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